February 23-25, 2024 | Hangzhou, China

7th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Virtuality (ICCGV 2024) was held at Hangzhou International Urbanplogy Research Center and in School of Information Science and Technology, Hangzhou Normal University, China. Thank you for your participation!

Plenary Session


Coffee Break & Networking

Cocurrent Sessions


Best Presentation Award Winners:

Session 1: Image recognition and detection technology
Ziqin Xiong, from Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
With the paper ID DC032Titled:
Human Motion Recognition Method of UWB Radar Based on Range-Doppler Dual-Channel Fusion ViT Model

Session 2:Communication System and Signal Analysis
Yanjiang Li, from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
With the paper ID DC004 Titled:
Automatic Modulation Classification Under Large Frequency Offset: A Robust Approach Integrating Pre-classification and Compensation Mechanism

Session 3: Digital Learning and Digital Technology Literacy
Mikhail Voronin, from Moscow State University, Russia
With the paper ID DC030 Titled:
A New HDR Video Reconstruction Benchmark, Dataset and Metric

Session 4: Intelligent Image Analysis and Processing Methods
Mary Jane Samonte, from Mapua University, Philippines
With the paper ID DC2013 Titled:
Grand challenge of image processing in automatic detection of vehicles running red lights

Session 5: Next generation communication systems and signal analysis
Wanwan Li, from University of Tulsa (TU), USA
With the paper ID DC043 Titled:
PM4Music: A Scriptable Parametric Modeling Interface for Music Visualizer Design Using PM4VR