June 19-21, 2020 | Virtual Conference

3rd International Conference on Computer Graphics and Virtuality (ICCGV 2020) was successfully held during June 19-21, 2020 as a virtual format.  
All ICCGV2020 papers were indexed by EI, and Scopus successfully.



Best Presentation Award Winners:

Session 1: Optical Imaging and Video Processing

Kazuki Hozumi

University of Aizu, Japan

Low-latency Block-wise Object Detection Method using SSD for High Resolution Video

Session 2:  Information Science and Computer Vision

Liu Yuhan

Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Venous Tree Separation based on Local Feature


Session 3:  Digital Image Analysis and Processing

Lilian Huang

Harbin Engineering University, China

Construction of Block Circulant Measurement Matrix Based on Hybrid Chaos - Bernoulli Sequences


Session 4:  Medical Signal Acquisition and Analysis

Kikuo Asai

The Open University of Japan, Japan

Comparing MAV, Frequency Spectrum, and Wavelet Spectrum of sEMG Signal as Feature for Simple CNN in Finger Motion Estimation


Session 5: Signal Detection and Signal Estimation

Zhang Dailei

Anhui University, China

Adaptive Window Width Selection Algorithm for Gabor Transform Based on Improved Shannon Entropy


Session 6: Digital signal analysis and processing

Xizhong Shen

Shanghai Institute of Technology, China

Speech Enhancement Based on Adaptive Harmonic Model Using Maximum Likelihood Method


Session 7: Communication and Information System

Mengjun Hu

Harbin Engineering University, China

FPGA Implementation for a Chaotic Digital Receiver Using Duffing oscillators array


Session 8: Advanced Information Theory and Technology

Qing Liao

Tsinghua University, China

A New Implementation of 16-bit Parallel Prefix Adder for High Speed and Low Area