February 17-19, 2023 | Chengdu, China

6th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Virtuality (ICCGV 2023) was held in Tibet Hotel, Chengdu, China during February 17-19, 2023, which adopted a hybrid format of online and offline modes for the very first time since the end of the global coronavirus pandemic, providing participants with increased flexibility and accessibility.

Plenary Session

Parallel Sessions

Best Presentation Award Winners:

Session 1:
Lina Peng, from Southwest University University
With the paper ID CD022 Titled:
Robust Diffusion Recursive Minimum Cauchy Algorithm with Low Computational Complexity

Chang Du, from Beijing Institute of Technology, China
With the paper ID CD030 Titled:
An Efficient Batch Bayesian WIV Doppler and Bearing Estimator for 3D Target Tracking

Session 2:

Xijie Li, from Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, China
With the paper ID CD201 Titled:
Design and Implementation of Interactive System for Cultural Industry Park Based on Digital Twin

Session 3:
Wenjing Luo from Southwest Jiaotong University, China
With the paper ID CD007 Titled:
DOA Estimation Based on Maximum Mixture Correntropy Algorithm for Impulsive and Input Noise